The Seven Clans Of The Cherokee
Bird Clan - Their color is Purple, and their wood is Maple
Blue Clan -Their color is Blue and their wood is Ash
Deer Clan - Their color is Brown and their wood is Oak
Paint Clan - Their color is White, and their wood is Locust
Twister Clan - Their color is Yellow and their wood is Beech
Wild Potato Clan - Their color is Green and their wood is Birch
Wolf Clan - Their color is Red and their wood is Hickory
The Cherokee clans were based on a matrilineal system.
(traced thru the mother's line)

Bird Clan, they were messengers and also very skilled in using blowguns for bird hunting. Eagle feathers were presented by them to other members of the tribe because they were only ones able to collect them. They were the keepers of the birds.

Blue Clan, this clan were keepers of childrens medicines and of medicinal herbs. They were named after a plant called a blue holly, which they used for medicine. This Clan has also been known as the Wild Cat Clan or Panther. They were known as a peace clan.

Deer Clan, they were fast runners and delivered messenges from village to village, or person to person and were excellent hunters and trackers. They were known as a peace clan.

Paint Clan, they were the smallest and most secretive clan, and the only ones that were allowed to make a special red paint and dye that are used for ceremonial purposes and war.

Twister Clan also known as Long Hair Clan It is said that those belonging to this clan wore their hair twisted or in braided hairdos. The peace chiefs usually came from this clan and wore a white feather robe. Their members were teachers and keepers of tradition.

Wild Potato Clan were farmers and gatherers of wild potato plants. They used them to make flour for bread. They were keepers and protectors of the earth. Also known as the Raccoon or Clan Bear Clan.

Wolf Clan is the most prominent clan, providing most of the war chiefs, and warriors. They were the protectors of the people and were known as a warrior clan.
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When I was young I walked all over this country, east and west, and saw no other people than the Apaches. After many summers I walked again and found another race of people had come to take it. How is it? Why is it that the Apaches wait to die – that they carry their lives on their fingernails? They roam over the hills and plains and want the heavens to fall on them. The Apaches were once a great nation; they are now but few, and because of this they want to die and so carry their lives on their fingernails.
(Cochise – Chiricahua Apaches.)
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