Teala Loring
Marcia Eloise Griffin
6 October 1922, Denver, Colorado
28 January 2007, Spring, Texas
Teala Loring was the sister of Debra Paget, Lisa Gaye, and Frank Griffin. And aunt of Roxane Griffin.
I regard the theatre as the greatest of all art forms, the most immediate way in which a human being can share with another the sense of what it is to be a human being.
Oscar Wilde
Teala Loring (October 6, 1922 – January 28, 2007) was an American actress who appeared in over thirty films during the 1940s.

Born Mareta Eloise Griffin in Denver, Colorado, she was the sister of actors Debra Paget, Lisa Gaye, and Reull Shayne. At the start of her film career, she was sometimes credited as Judith Gibson.

From 1942, Loring appeared in uncredited or bit parts in films at Paramount, turning up as a cigarette girl in Holiday Inn and as a telephone operator in Double Indemnity, for example.

in 1945-46, she appeared in ten films released by Poverty Row studio Monogram Pictures, including two starring Kay Francis, Allotment Wives (1945) and Wife Wanted (1946). Of her portrayal of a young mother caught up in an illegal adoption scheme in 1945's Black Market Babies, The New York Times noted that Loring and co-star Maris Wrixon "struggle fitfully with the lines accorded the two principal mothers" in what it called an "uninspired minor melodrama". Having failed to achieve the success that sister Paget would capture in the 1950s, Loring made her final film, Arizona Cowboy (supporting Western star Rex Allen in his screen debut), in 1950.

Loring died at the age of 84 in January 2007 from injuries she sustained in an automobile accident in Spring, Texas. She was married to Eugene Pickler, and had 6 children.
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